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Gorilla Technology
Video Big Data and the IoT Company

Who We Are

Gorilla Technology Provides Smart Retail for Savvy Store Decisions

Gorilla is a global leader in Video Big Data and Analytics technology, leveraging the insights captured by video, and combined with data from IoT sources, to generate better insight into customers' business or security operations, or the video content under their management.

Gorilla, offers video applications supporting business cases across a number of specific sectors, including retail, broadcast media and entertainment, enterprise security, and smart cities.

In conjunction with data center and cloud infrastructure providers like Telstra, Gorilla is rolling out a range of value-added cloud services. Working with leading hardware and infrastructure partners such Cisco, EMC, Dell and Acer, Gorilla designs scalable end-to-end solutions. Gorilla works with regional partners for industry 4.0 technologies as well.

Gorilla Technology is a privately held company established in 2000 that has representation across the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and China.