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Smart Retail Product Description

Gorilla Smart Retail is a comprehensive in-store analytics software suite. Here Global Business Development Director, Stuart Hill, describes the key features and benefits of using Smart Retail in a retail environment such as a chain store or boutique shop, for either operations or marketing purposes.

Best Smart Retail Features

Smart Retail is a hybrid cloud-based system using our VeMo analytics box and IoT devices. The system is a robust IT solution for retailers to learn more about the shoppers in their stores. Gorilla generates business intelligence by analyzing people counting, entrants versus passer-by rates, age & gender mapping, merchandise activity, aisle traffic, dwell time, occupancy, advertising signage, popular traffic routes, coupon displays & QR code scanning.

Senao - National Mobile Phone Retailer

Senao is a leading electronic and mobile phone chain store operator in Taiwan. On any given day management needs to see how each of their stores is performing. Senao has installed Smart Retail at several locations to view operational statistics, inventory, performance, and local conditions. The challenge was to provide a real-time view of store data and the solution is extracting valuable metrics by using Smart Retail.